Sunday, May 17, 2009

First Time !!!

rules and regulations *jgn pedulik HAHA*

1] mereka yg ditag kene jawab la di blog masing masing

2] mereka yg ditag kene la tag org lain

1. what have u been doing recently

merayau2 kat blog restricted91..huhu(blog tmph bju tee shirt,sape nk tmph gtau ye) :p u ever turn your cellphone off

ble die gle je..

3.what happened at 10am today

msh berjuang di ats ktl!

4.when did u last cry

huh...mlu nk gtau...huhu

5.believe in fate/destiny

ye kot..wakaa

6.what do you want in your life now

keredhaan..wakaka you carry an umbrella when it rains or just put up your hood.

wat bodo jew...bsh kn je bju..haha

8.whats your fav thing to do on the bed.

tdo la!

9.what bottoms are u wearing now

im wearing kain pelikat..hhuhu(alim x?)

10.whats the nicest thing in your inbox

tapaham! you tend to make a relationship complicated


12.are u wearing anything borrowed from anyone

all mine!

13.whats the last movie you caught

xmen wolverine!!huhu

14.what are u proud of


15.what does the oldest text msg in ur inbox say

bro, pegi ktan r esk..amcm?

16.what was the last song u sang out loud

love story...wakaka...(lirik salah..hahah!! you have any nicknames


18.what does the newest text say.and from who

jgn jge tepi kain org la..haah

19.what time did u go to bed last nyte

x ingt..huhu

20.are you currently happy.


21.who gives u the best advice

ebelibadi la..haah you eat whipped cream straight from the can


23.who did u talk on da phne last nyte

black sumtin bugging u now


25.who was the last person to make u laugh

anak murid ak.ahaha

i tag;

  • dila
  • wan
  • amal
  • kumin
P/S:copy n paste from blog angah..huhu...amende la nih....x pnah dpt pon..haha


  1. mne bley cmnyh..
    xkcian aku kew kne buat yg sme..
    da la sblm nyh mmg da pna buat..

  2. haha..bia la..ak pon x paham mnde nih..haha

  3. emmm...ckp de sound og jihad is heard all over de world..bkpe lagu org puteh?? ke?? lagu ketuhanan tu?ke cmne encik jimmy?

  4. lgu pnoh dgn mkne...x tau jgn nk wak bijok k..

  5. ish2..sye tnye baik2 knp marah2 pulok..hmm..ok2.. nice song! sesungguhnye islam itu berukhwah!